RSSMailer is now Briefcake

First of all, thanks so much for using RSSMailer.

In order to better serve our growing userbase, we are rebranding to Briefcake and introducing some new features.

Our core mission remains the same through this exciting update but there are a couple of things worth mentioning:

  • When you create your personal newsletter link, you can now add as many feeds as you like
  • We’ve been fighting off bots quite a bit recently so have made a few security improvements
  • Our commitment to privacy is increasingly important and we have finally published a long overdue Privacy Policy
  • The Briefcake blog is now live and it’s where we will be curating our favorite creators across different categories (open source and guest posts welcome)
  • Along with the rebrand comes new pricing of $29/year for PRO, but for our existing customers we will honor lifetime pricing of $12/year

Everything should migrate without a hitch, but we ask that you keep an eye on spam just in case mail from the new domain ends up there.

We’ve planned to make the switch on 2 October 2020.

Thanks again for your support over the months and years.

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